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GOBIDET Bidets - GoBidet for Travel
GOBIDET Bidets - GoBidet for Travel

TheGoBidet Travel Bidet is a MUST for people-on-the-go. This Unique Personal Hygiene System makes cleansing more convenient and effective beyond what toilet paper allows can achieve. It helps relieve the discomforts caused by hemorrhoids, infections, itching, etc. It is also a great accessory for mothers with young children and infants. The GoBidet Travel Bidet allows everyone to be fresh and clean anytime, anywhere!
The Sanicare Travel Bidet has the three (3) multifunctional nozzles namely, the External Spray Head, Internal Spray Head and Nursing Spray Head.

Different functions may be achieved by using the appropriate nozzles.

* The EXTERNAL SPRAY HEAD is intended for external washing of genital and anal areas.
* The INTERNAL SPRAY HEAD is intended for internal feminine washing or douching.
* The NURSING SPRAY HEAD is intended for general washing of body parts of infants and patients all-at-bed.


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