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HealthCraft Safety Bathroom Rails and Grab Bars

Providing safety rails and grab bars for your bathroom and bedroom

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P.T. Rail Hinged
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Product ID HEALTHCRAFT-PT-Rail-Hinged

Unlike other bathroom safety rails, the PT Rail is designed with an innovative offset rail to avoid wrist strain when you’re sitting down or pulling yourself up from a seated position. The PT Rail is also easily stored; simply lift the rail until it is flush against your bathroom walls. Available in Left or Right, 28" or 32" lengths, and White Powder Coat or Stainless Steel finishes.

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Assista-Rail Inverted U Bed Rail
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The Assista-Rail™ provides secure in-bed support, perfect for anyone requiring assistance to adjust and lift themselves out of bed. It is height adjustable to accommodate various mattress thicknesses. Multiple cross-bars provide safe handle placements for in-bed movements. It also features a convenient bed organizer that keeps your belongings within reach.

List Price: $99.00
You save $4.50
Price: $94.50
P.T. Rail Angled
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Designed for additional support when going up and down 2-3 stairs, the PT Rail Angled mounts to the wall and can be lifted out of the way when not in use. It can be adjusted between 0 and 35 degrees to suit the angle of the stairs it’s mounted beside, is 32" in length, and supports up to 400lbs.

List Price: $329.00
You save $16.45
Price: $312.55
Uni-Fit Extender for SuperPole

The Uni-Fit Extender is an attachment that increases the standard range of the SuperPole from 93"-99" to 100"-120", allowing the SuperPole to be compatible with up to 10' ceilings. The Extender attaches between the top plate and pole assembly of the SuperPole.

List Price: $79.00
You save $3.95
Price: $75.05
SuperPole with SuperBar
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Using HealthCraft's innovative "Pivot and Lock" technology, the SuperBar has eight locking positions, one every 45 degrees, for superior centralized support as you move. Simply lift the rail and move the bar to automatically lock it into the next position. This system provides safety at all points during a transfer.

This item ships in 2 boxes

List Price: $294.00
You save $14.70
Price: $279.30
P.T. Rail Floor Mast
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The P.T. Rail Floor Mast is a floor mounted column that the P.T. Rail wall plate (both hinged & fixed models) can mount to.  Flip-Up Grab Bar Sold Separately

Floor Mast Only. Flip-Up Grab Bar Sold Separately.
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SuperPole - Basic Pole without attachments
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The HealthCraft SuperPole is ideal for any room, providing stability and functionality in a clean and modern design. It is easily installed between any floor and ceiling and is strong enough to support up to 300lbs. No matter the room, the SuperPole can be multi-purposed to meet your support needs.

This item ships in 2 boxes

List Price: $219.00
You save $10.95
Price: $208.05
e2 32" Ceiling Mounted Trapeze
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The E2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze is an innovative solution to the Trapeze Bar. With ergonomic ladder rungs, and two points of leverage, easily climb from lying to a seated position in bed. It acts in place of a bed safety rail and can be securely mounted to your ceiling. 32" length, 300lb capacity

List Price: $185.00
You save $9.25
Price: $175.75
Dependa-Bar Wall Mounted Grab Bar 325 Lbs. Optional Bath Board
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The 18" Dependa-Bar uses HealthCraft's "Pivot and Lock" technology to safely assist in the challenging motion of transferring into and out of your bathtub or shower safely. Featuring centralized support and ergonomically sound positions, the Dependa-Bar allows for using temperature controls, or washing hard-to-reach places like legs and feet. Available in White or Knurled.

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1-1/4" dia. Easy Mount Grab Bars
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Product ID HEALTHCRAFT-Easy-Mount-Grab-Bars

Easy Mount Grab Bars provide something secure support to assist you in any room in your house. 2 finishes, 5 lengths

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