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Porcelain Plus Speedbit

The PorcelainPlus Speedbit was specifically designed for drilling through hard surfaces such as porcelain tile, marble, granite and quartz along with ceramic tile, glass and mirrors.  Its speed and durability distinguishes itself from other standard bits used on these surfaces. With a specially formulated mix of metals and superior designed carbide tip, the PorcelainPlus Speedbit makes your installations quicker and easier, therefore, more profitability.


  • No walking and easy start-up. No tape, center punching or pilot holes are required.
  • Specially formulated carbide tip for greater durability and clean precise holes.
  • Can drill near edges of tiles.
  • Average of 25 seconds per hole (based on PEI Class 4 porcelain tile).
  • Drills 8+ holes per bit (based on PEI Class 4 porcelain tile).


  • Use a hand held cordless drill.
  • Dip the drill bit tip in a cup of cool water before starting.
  • Place the drill bit on the specified mark, apply pressure, listen for a slight CRUNCH and start your drilling process.
  • Use MODERATE pressure when drilling.
  • Because the Speedbit is a scraping tool it will generate high heat (you will recognize this when the drill bit starts to release smoke). When this starts happening, stop drilling and re-dip the tip into water (typically every 5-8 seconds). This will cool the bit down and maximize its longevity.
  • Continue this sequence until the hole is completely drilled. For best results your top drilling speed should be between 800 and 1200 RPM's and slowed down to 500 RPM's while breaking through the hole.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure. Do not use dull or damaged bit. Do not use in hammer drills.
  • Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and heavy duty work gloves during use and when handling bit.


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